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Pastor Kelley has a lengthy Apostolic heritage. In 1969, his grandfather, Rev. Stanley Kelley, planted a church in a small southern Indiana town. 50 years later, Pastor Kelley's father, Rev. Stanley Douglas Kelley, is pastoring that work that has grown exponentially throughout the decades. During the years at his home church, Pastor Kelley was the Youth Leader of a dynamic youth group numbering 40+ and Sunday School Director. He also regularly led youth prayer meetings, church outreach, Sunday School bus routes, new convert Bible studies and preached youth services. 


In 2004, Pastor Kelley began evangelizing part-time and in 2006, he and his family felt God leading them to evangelize full-time. With his faith in God's direction, he resigned his position as funeral director and co-owner of a local mortuary, bought a truck and trailer, and set out to travel the country to reach the lost. In 2010, he was called to pastor a church in Ohio. After 7 years, God once again called him and his family to a new field of work. Now Pastor S. Darrick Kelley has followed in his grandfather's footsteps to plant a brand-new church in the Tampa Bay area. He is a licensed minister with the UPCI and is working towards his Bachelor's of Theology. 

 Camden, Laura, S. Darrick, & Brianna

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